We look at marketing with the end from the beginning. Creating sound assets and driving results is what we do! We want to take your brand and elevate it to the next level. In order to do that, we usually need to create a strategy that hits the main key performing indicators (KPI’s) weekly/daily. For most businesses this is driving phone calls or leads. What is the lifeblood of your business? Let’s figure it out, how to control it and then duplicate it! Being able to scale results is what we do.


To get the ball rolling, we have a kick off meeting. We try to identify the most important things to make you happy. That usually includes finding out exactly what “Success” looks like to you. We then create the strategy to do it and then shift to execution. If there is anything we do well like a well oiled machine, its execution. We focus on communication (never “Out of sight; out of mind) and then making sure we have deadlines at key intervals to make sure we are always hitting our mark.

Giant Ideas Core Values

Lead Generation/PPC

Lead flow is the lifeblood of many businesses today. Being able to control lead flow and improving conversion rates is a science. We help you optimize your budget on the display ad side as well as your landing pages.

Web Design & Development

Your brand speaks volume about your business. If you don’t care about your online brand, neither will your customers. We create effective websites, landing pages so you look great. We also optimize your site so it is SEO and conversion friendly.

Integrated SEO

Establishing organic search rankings takes time but will serve your business in the long run. If PPC generates leads today, SEO generates leads tomorrow. This creates a level of redundancy in your business.

Review Engine

What people say about your business will determine how easy it is to get new clients. It is easier to get 10 negative reviews than 1 positive review. We work 1 on 1 with your customers to drive new positive reviews.

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