complete advertising campaign

We’ve worked extensively with Strangling Brothers for the past year, and we’ve had a great experience doing so, contributing much more than our usual work load; a complete marketing campaign for one of Utah’s largest haunted attractions.

We created all content for Strangling Bros. in 2015, including an entire brand revamp, social media marketing, tickets and media printing, and a TON of web design. It’s been quite an adventure and shows just how far we can push a giant idea.


Zombie Hunt was an all new atraction built in 2015, and we had the great pleasure of being the agency behind the looks. Built from the ground up, we’ve are proud of the accomplishments we were able to give the Zombie Hunt and launch it into success with a strong SEO campaign, social marketing and interaction, and graphic design aimed towards a large demographic.


When Strangling Brothers came to us, they first only had the Haunted Circus, and it was in desperate need of a facelift. Once we got involved, we took the Circus to the next level, completely reimagining the brand’s identity. Starting with the logo, we moved on to create characters, and quickly developed a large pool of content from which we would use to create a base for most of the design aesthetic.


Our hard working SEO staff has put Strangling Brothers at number 1 on Google for Utah Haunted Houses, among many other keywords, and continues to push the numbers every month.