In order to make really good designs, we need to create clear expectation. A client usually has an idea of what they want to see in a landing page. We tend to know how to make a high converting landing page. So we first like to make a wire frame so we can all be on the same page.

This was a first wireframe that we put together for this landing page:


Then we created a few designs (see below) and then ended up with this wireframe :

First Round Design

After we had the wireframe complete, we took the first round of design. We like to iterate fast with our designs because we will usually get it right after several rounds. Take a look at the following designs from the first round to final design (last)


Creating the asset is great but where the fun really starts is when you can turn on the advertising and start generating leads. We began with Facebook ads targeting paintballers (by interest) and then also developed the Google Adwords Campaign to bid on keywords to generate interest in the product as well