Attracting Vs Shouting

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Have you ever been bombarded with a person who is constantly trying to get your attention? Even if the information is helpful, you may be turned off by their in-your-face attitude. When it comes to generating clients, the same principles apply. Email campaigns and cold calls may seem like unfortunate necessities, but in reality, you’re just shouting, and very few are listening.

If you want to increase numbers like never before, you have to take marketing avenues never before done. One of these methods is using the power of blogs. Blogging for a business shouldn’t be used to showcase awards and specials. Your blog should contain content that speaks for itself, and proves to potential clients you know your trade. This way, your audience feels confident to walk through your door, and there they can see the awards on your wall.

There are four key ingredients in a business’s blog that will generate this kind of activity:

Drive traffic to your website

Indexed pages notify search engines of the existence of your blog. Out of the thousands of blogs on the Internet, only the few with rich content are displayed at the top of search engine results. Frequently update your blog to help it resurface, and relate to your current audience.

Content for social media 

Updating social media accounts can be tricky when you don’t have content to post. By creating blog posts, your marketing team will have active content to link to social media, which can also be an essential marketplace for future clients.

Generate leads

Provide content that fixes a problem for your target audience. This way, your content isn’t just a good story, but the solution your future client has been looking for. This turns a reader into a lead, and encourages them to contact you, not the other way around. No more cold-calls.

Establish Authority

A great business blog answers common questions, creating a sense of security for potential clients. No one likes to feel like they need to prove themselves, so leave it to the blog. By creating content that proves you’ve got the brains, you can use actual appointments to focus on how to help the client, instead of validating that you’re worthy of their time.

Bottom Line: Stop shouting at your clients, and start attracting your clientele with the perfect blog.

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