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How Guest Posting Increases Blog Traffic

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Blog marketing has become a little bit trickier in previous years due to new Google algorithms, so we’ve all had to get more creative with how we drive traffic to our blogs.

One thing hasn’t changed though – guest blogging still remains one of the most viable ways to attract visitors to your blog for several reasons.

Borrowing Someone Else’s Audience

And it’s perfectly acceptable. When you guest post on someone else’s blog, you are inviting their visitors to take a look at what you have to say. If they like it, they’ll stick around. One caveat: be selective about where you guest post. Posting on lower-traffic blogs not only wastes your time, but you also take the risk of posting on a site viewed as “spammy.” Focus on landing guest posts on blogs in similar niches and with higher traffic. One way of finding out if they have traffic is by the number of social media shares and comments on their posts.

Increasing Social Media Exposure

Nothing gets you noticed like hopping social media activity. When you guest post on other blogs, not only will the blog owner share your post, their loyal subscribers will also be tweeting it out. The same goes here for traffic. Check their social media followers to decide if theirs is a blog worth posting on.

Guest Post the Right Way

Guest posting is the fastest way to increase your blog audience if you follow some simple criteria:

  • Write quality posts showcasing your best work.
  • Give away valuable, actionable advice.
  • Only write for blogs that allow you to link back to your own blog.
  • Address the proper audience.

In Conclusion

Guest Posting is still the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog. Getting your name into circulation on as many platforms as possible will increase recognition for your name and your website. Be mindful of blog-owner’s rules and chances are, they will continue to share your work with their audience.

Identify Your Target Audience to Increase Website Traffic

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There’s a lot of talk going around about finding your target audience, your tribe, your people. But what does it mean exactly?

To put it simply, your target audience is the people you want to visit your website. Not only that, but the people you want sticking around, reading your content and buying your products.

You might be thinking, “but what if my target audience is everyone? I just want traffic to my site. I don’t care who it is.”

You Can’t Serve Everyone Well

The bad news is that a lot of online businesses tank in the first six months due largely to this kind of thinking.

Narrowing down your target audience means portraying yourself as an expert to a particular demographic. Relating to them in a way that lets them know if they stick around, they will be enriched by what you have to say. In other words, they want to be like you.

There are a few things you can do to find out exactly who your target audience is without going into years of demographic research. Who has time for that, right?

  • What Problem Are You Solving?

First, you need to take a good look at your content or products. What problem does it solve? Whose problem does it solve?

For example, if you have a food blog, you might be solving the problem of what to cook for dinner.

But who is cooking the dinner? Are your recipes geared toward the working mom or are they more for the busy bachelor?

  • Who is Your Existing Audience?

Another thing you can do is to thoroughly analyze the people who already visit your site and read your material. Do you have a few subscribers? Send out a quick email and ask them a couple of questions. Post a blog post asking what types of content they would like to continue to see. You’ll be surprised at how many readers are eager to help you out.

  • Check Out Your Competition

This is possibly the most informative study you can do. Spend some time finding websites in your niche. Take note of the sites with the most interaction – comments on blog posts, Facebook shares, etc. Check their Alexa rankings.

Once you’ve found the sites with the most traffic, find out who their readers are. Follow some commenters on their blogs. Interact with them. Visit their tribe.

You can be sure that if they are interested in the information on a similar website, they will be happy to check yours out too as long as you are adding value.

To Conclude

The fact is, you can spend a lot of resources on market research and data analysis, and depending on your business model, you may need to. But chances are, using these tactics will help you narrow down your audience. And once you do, direct all your attention and marketing efforts toward this exact audience. You’ll find that the more you narrow your focus, the more your audience will stick around.


Using Facebook to Increase Blog Traffic

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Although Pinterest and Twitter are right on its heels, Facebook is still the most popular social network site with a reported 92% of the population taking up residence there.

With these numbers, it simply can’t be ignored as a place to get blog traffic. Because Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms, you have to be strategic with posting and engaging. There are a few things you can do on the forum that will give you an edge and set you apart.

·        Keep Your Profile Professional

You might have a personal Facebook profile, but if you’re using it as a business platform, it’s best to have a page strictly dedicated to your blog. Your daily posts should include information related to your niche and not much else. While a personal post here and there makes you relatable, be careful about how much you share. Unless your niche is relationship advice, save the details of your latest fight with the new boyfriend for your personal page.

·        Make Sure Your Profile is Complete

Treat your Facebook page like another website. Fill it out as completely as possible and include your URL and contact information somewhere on the page. Also make sure you have a good headshot displayed. Nothing says amateur like a Facebook page with the little blue silhouette as the profile pic. Every piece of information in your profile information should support your expertise.

·        Start Sending Friend Requests Immediately

Facebook appears to favor those with the most activity. If you want your stuff seen, you will need to add fans who want to read your content. Joining Facebook groups that are relevant to your niche is a great way to find people who will visit your blog and interact with you regularly.

·        Create Your Own Facebook Group

While joining Facebook groups is helpful for finding loyal readers, creating your own group is the perfect way to build a tribe. Your ultimate goal here is to attract like-minded people who will share your content and add value to your conversations.

·        Stay Active

There are many theories out there about how many times you should be posting on Facebook and what types of content to share at certain times of the day, but the bottom line is you need to be active there. Because of the changing algorithms of Facebook, all content is not seen equally. If you have a fan page, chances of your posts being seen are smaller, so you need to be as active as possible to increase your chances.

Now go ahead and build your platform!

10 Lead Magnet Ideas to Explode Your Subscriber List

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lead magnet ideasLooking to grow your email subscriber list? It’s nearly impossible to get website visitors to subscribe to your email list without some sort of freebie or opt-in offer, otherwise known as a lead magnet.

A lead magnet, simply put, is an irresistible offer given in exchange for a subscriber’s contact information.

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the most awesome lead magnets that are sure to explode your email list when used correctly.

1.      Swipe File

A swipe file is a file containing documents that can be copied and customized to fit the needs of the user. For example, a copywriter might offer a swipe file of the sales letter he used to generate $5,000 worth of sales in a month.

swipe file lead magnet


2.      Resource List

Everyone wants to be like you, right? If you’ve had some success in your field, people want to know what you used to get there. Offer a free resource list, showing the exact tools you used to boost your business. You might even be able to include some affiliate links and rake in some extra cash.

3.      Video Course

There’s just something about a video course that people love. It draws people in like magnets and makes you more real and accessible.

4.      Free Consultation

If you offer, or have thought about offering coaching or consulting services, this is the perfect offer to pique interest and grow that part of your business.

5.      eBook

This doesn’t have to be terribly long. A one-page how-to guide on how to write a newsletter, for example, could be very short, but extremely valuable to new bloggers. Be sure to include specifics and examples.

6.      Checklist

The most effective checklist is for projects that seem complicated but can be broken down into smaller tasks. For example, a step-by-step checklist on how to get a book published.

checklist lead magnet

7.      Contest

Pick an item to give away, such as a gift card or free product. If you require the subscriber to also share the contest on social media, you can also boost your site visits.

8.      Printable

People love printables. Whether it’s a checklist or calendar, offer something that makes planning easier for your readers.

9.      Course

Whatever your service, there is probably something you can teach your readers to do. Set up a 5-day email course and make sure it offers value.

10. Membership Page

You can set up a page on your website for members only and offer extra information not offered anywhere else. A membership page is a great way to build a community.

There you have it – the best ways to grow your email subscriber list! The important thing to remember is to keep your lead magnets specific to your service or message, so that you will attract loyal subscribers who will be repeat customers.

What lead magnets have you tried?



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These days, the trend is to do a search for close by vehicle washes with your smart phone in order to purchase kitchen appliances from your tablet even though lounging in your pajamas in bed. The Web is in all places, so the older hardback Yellow Pages have grown to be nothing more than paperweights. In reality, everyday you will discover virtually 6-billion Google searches. In many cases, folks’ on the internet web research result in them to local organization web directories.
If you’re a small company owner, there’s a goldmine of opportunity in having to get your company shown in on the internet local web directories. Listed here are the best 5.

1. Come up with Fresh Leads

Once you have your company listed in widely used web directories such as Yelp and also foursquare, it would make it easy for customers to discover you. These types of web directories drive lots of targeted traffic that will virtually pull fresh customers via your doorways.
A vertical website directory can also be a fantastic destination to list your very own particular merchandise. Vertical web directories focus on a category marketplace. These types of web directories are likely to rank thoroughly effective in searches with the specific key phrases from your sector. You’ll try to be in on this Perl of an opportunity without a doubt.

2. Building Links

To be able to succeed in the world-wide-web, it’s vital that your very own SEO technique targets building top quality back links. A great number of online web directories present a back-link to your site within the company profile. There certainly a significant advantage to this—many of those web directories succeed in free organic search rankings for vital keyword terms. When you can’t have your site ranked high for a particular keyword phrase, you can get your company shown in a website directory website that ranks for that particular key phrase. This certainly will yield high quality back links to your site as well as publicize your business.

3: Allows for Customers to Leave Reviews

the quantities are in and also research is revealing that roughly 61% of potential customers look at internet feedbacks before making an investment or selecting a service. 63% of purchasers will probably obtain from a website which has feedbacks. Simply put, client feedbacks result in conversion. Becoming listed in a local company website directory can perform this for you. A lot of web directories permit customers to leave reviews as well as rate the services they experienced. Allow your present purchasers stretch the decent phrase regarding your company.

4: Citations

a citation is any specific recommendation for your company name, residence address, or even cell phone numbers (known as NAP information) on a website. Citations are already crucial; however, this has grown even more real ever since the search engines released the Pigeon upgrade to their algorithm. This revolutionary upgrade was targeted generally at the web sites of local companies, and also offers a great chance for businesses in the know. Earning authoritative citations with constant NAP information across the internet is essential, but will result in enhanced overall performance within the nearby spectrum.
To ensure that citations to deliver their complete worth, the NAP data across almost all citations has to match up the NAP information shown on your site. The Chambers of Commerce and also BBB are 2 outstanding local citations you’ll require to utilize.

5: Maps

Maps together with local web directories are likely to possess a slightly symbiotic relationship. When you acquire a lot more authoritative and also constant citations on leading web directories, your very own maps visibility will certainly dramatically develop. All over again, this has grown to become significantly real since the launch of Google’s Pigeon upgrade. This coupled with the truth that the leading maps listings acquire a large number of targeted traffic from customers on their Smartphone gadgets, would make these types of methods a lot more compulsory for local companies to become successful.


Why you should hire a content writer

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It’s the 21st century and every company has a website. Law offices, restaurants and many other companies have a blog on their website that drives traffic to their site which can help boost a business’s profit margin. It doesn’t matter what your company does, it needs a content writer and here’s why.

Website Landing Pages

Landing pages can help drive traffic just as much if not more than blog posts can. In today’s internet friendly world you have to be clever to optimize search engine searches that will help showcase your business’s website. Content writers are the best way to do this because they are trained in technical writing. Why write something yourself that might not end up with the results you wanted when you could hire a professional to do it for you?

Blog Posts

Just like landing pages, blog posts can help bring in traffic to your site. Throw in a few well placed links to products or services you offer can add another dimension to your blog. Since most every company has a blog, it only makes sense to have a content writer working for you who can update and write new posts everyday and continually drive traffic to your website.

Social Media

A good content writer could spend a few hours on a single blog post but rarely anymore. So once you have hired one, don’t let them go to waste, use them for every kind of writing you need. Posting blogs and landing page links to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter will help increase the traffic rates to your website, and who better to write the text to go along with the link then the person who initially wrote the blog post?

Product Description

Product and service descriptions are key when it comes to translating your traffic rates to conversion rates. Consumers like a detailed but short description of the product or service they are seeking from a company. Content writers have the luxury of writing about your company daily allowing them to learn more about the company than you ever expected. A solid content writer sill have the ability to satisfy your customer’s desires and describe the product they are buying.


Not every writer can be an editor and not every editor can be a writer, but their are some writers that walk the fine line between the two. If you are lucky enough to hire a content writer with editing abilities then you have hit the jackpot. Whether it’s their own writing, or advertising copy written by a marketing agency, the ability to edit the written text can save you money. There is nothing worse than printing thousands of dollars worth of flyers or brochures just to find one small mistake once it’s too late and having to do a reprint.

Local Search

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Local searches have the potential to grow your small or local business while targeting only potential customers in your area. For example, if you type Boxing Gym Utah into a search engine the first result that appears is Legends Boxing.

This is also helpful for consumers who are looking for a certain business in their area. By using a search term as well as the location, customers can find out more information to help them decide which service provider to utilize.

Consumers like to have a general idea of what they are to expect from a company before deciding to make use of their services. By using a local search when looking up companies that provide the service you require, websites like Yelp!, and other review sites, will appear with information on those companies to help you make the best decision based on previous customer’s reviews.

Not only do review sites often provide you with a list of products, services or a menu but also allows users to give each place of business a rating between one and five stars. Local searches can help build the reputation of restaurants and other businesses which can be especially helpful when it comes to local, family owned restaurants.

Typically franchises are unaffected by review websites because the services they provide are expected to be similar at each location. Local eating establishments, however, have the public perception of being either a hit or miss.

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Attracting Vs Shouting

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Have you ever been bombarded with a person who is constantly trying to get your attention? Even if the information is helpful, you may be turned off by their in-your-face attitude. When it comes to generating clients, the same principles apply. Email campaigns and cold calls may seem like unfortunate necessities, but in reality, you’re just shouting, and very few are listening.

If you want to increase numbers like never before, you have to take marketing avenues never before done. One of these methods is using the power of blogs. Blogging for a business shouldn’t be used to showcase awards and specials. Your blog should contain content that speaks for itself, and proves to potential clients you know your trade. This way, your audience feels confident to walk through your door, and there they can see the awards on your wall.

There are four key ingredients in a business’s blog that will generate this kind of activity:

Drive traffic to your website

Indexed pages notify search engines of the existence of your blog. Out of the thousands of blogs on the Internet, only the few with rich content are displayed at the top of search engine results. Frequently update your blog to help it resurface, and relate to your current audience.

Content for social media 

Updating social media accounts can be tricky when you don’t have content to post. By creating blog posts, your marketing team will have active content to link to social media, which can also be an essential marketplace for future clients.

Generate leads

Provide content that fixes a problem for your target audience. This way, your content isn’t just a good story, but the solution your future client has been looking for. This turns a reader into a lead, and encourages them to contact you, not the other way around. No more cold-calls.

Establish Authority

A great business blog answers common questions, creating a sense of security for potential clients. No one likes to feel like they need to prove themselves, so leave it to the blog. By creating content that proves you’ve got the brains, you can use actual appointments to focus on how to help the client, instead of validating that you’re worthy of their time.

Bottom Line: Stop shouting at your clients, and start attracting your clientele with the perfect blog.