Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a multi­dimensional service. We like to focus on Keyword Research, On Site SEO, Off Site SEO, Local SEO.

Keyword Research

We will help identify the top keywords for your industry. We like to present these to you so you can make educated decisions about which keywords we should focus on. We like to look at competition (ranking difficulty), volume (how many people are searching for that keyword), location based services, etc.

On Site SEO

We will optimize the code (behind the scenes) and modify any front end text in order to get the right level of optimization. We use proprietary software to gauge the exact level of optimization. We basically take a before and after of your on site SEO. Also see content creation services (Link) below so we can help with your ongoing blogging content development.

Off Site SEO

We build high quality links back to your website through organic content with our blogging network. We have over 500 bloggers that we regularly work with to help promote your content.

Local SEO

Claim, Optimize, Maintain Business Location on Google Places. This involves setting up an account on Google Places, verifying the location with Google, and optimizing the Google Places listing for your industry and keywords. We will also make updates as necessary.

Graphic Design

We can help you with any form of graphic design including: Logos, web banners, print design, infographics, mobile designs, etc. We guarantee a 48 hour delivery (business days) on designs or it is free. View our Portfolio to view some of our recent clients and their designs. You can also visit our Library of free tools to get several of our design templates.

Mobile App Development

We write native code for iOS and Android platforms. We can help you, whether you are looking to have an app built for your business or have a unique idea to develop an app you plan on monetizing. View some of our mobile applications in our portfolio!

Content Writing

One of the most important digital marketing initiatives is content creation. It is the soul of Social media and SEO. It often gets swept under the rug. We like to automate this process for your business.


We can write develop your ideas on an ongoing basis and deliver it to your readers/followers. We recommend 2 blog posts monthly for most blogs.

eBook/White page offers

One of the most important strategies for your lead generation efforts is developing a free offer for your visitors. We like to collect information in exchange for this free information. We can write very detailed eBooks or reports for you to deliver this content to your customers. Also review our email marketing services below to see how we can automate the lead generation process.

Video Creation

Many visitors to a website prefer a video over reading text. We can create incredible videos for your website, social media or landing pages.

Video Production

We use our own equipment and will edit the videos for you to produce a high quality video for your business. Did you know that by adding an autoplay video to your landing page, you will increase your conversion rate by 48%? Let us shoot a video for you to help with your conversion rates!

Video SEO

Many of our clients want to do our Video SEO services. We create short and sweet videos revolving around a blog topic that has been previously written. We optimize this video and upload it to several video directories for SEO purposes. View our portfolio to see some of the recent videos we have produced!

Reputation Management

If you have many clients/customers, we like to help you look good by reaching out 1 on 1 with these customers and helping them leave you a positive review. This is often done by giving a discount/offer to the customer in exchange for the review. We have helped many customers get 100+ reviews on Facebook, Yelp, YellowPages, Google, FourSquare etc. You easily become part of the top 5% simply by gaining positive reviews online! This is a performance based effort that we can offer nearly anyone with a customer list!

Web Development

Many of the customers we work with have existing websites. Not only do we build new, mobile responsive websites, but we can also tweak your site to get it where it needs to be without having to go through with a complete redesign. As part of our Web Development services, we also build landing pages, click through offer pages, and mobile applications. View our portfolio of some of our past work.

Social Media Marketing

We originally started with Social Media Marketing. We built one of our earliest followings to over 230,000 organically (No FB ads or hiring others to “promote” the page). Once we figured out how to duplicate this successfully, we started offering it to our customers and have had some wildly successful campaigns. We offer services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and almost every other social platform including social booking sites. View our portfolio to see some of the past campaigns we have run!

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages have many uses. We like to create landing pages for customers for these reasons:

SEO Optimized & Keyword Specific

If someone searches for a long tail keyword like “Davis County Appraiser” and it is very specific, you can rank much faster if you make a new page on your site (hidden on the navigation) just for this specific keyword. It is pretty easy to come up with 50 variations of location specific keywords. Instead of putting your budget into ranking 1 keyword at a time, you can rank much faster by creating a dozen of these pages.

PPC Landing Pages

When paying for individual clicks, it is NOT wise to just take your visitors to your home page. Statistically, your home page will convert less than 1%. Specific landing pages on the other hand will convert north of 10% if well optimized, offering incredible value often times for free.


Using Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising to drive traffic to one of your landing pages is a solid strategy if you have a budget for it. There is often a lot of learning if it is your first time running ads to a new landing page. You will usually learn:

  • What the actual cost per lead is (CPL)
  • What % of those leads convert to sales
  • What the exact cost per acquisition is (CPA)

It is very easy to track, even by source (AdWords vs FB Ads). This helps you become 1 step closer to understanding your business better AND how to scale it. It is also very helpful to know how you can control your lead flow.


This is a new emerging trend in online advertising. In a nutshell, when a visitor comes to your landing page/buy now page, we will place a cookie in their browser to target specific ads to get them to come back.

Statistically, a visitor will NOT purchase upon first landing on your page. They are usually in a discovery phase of the buying process. Remarketing is a fantastic solution because we will display ads to people who have already visited, therefore giving them an addition 7­10 opportunities to come back again.

The beauty therein is that you can get free ‘touches’ on a visitor and not pay for it since we typically pay when they come back. They already know what is on your page, so if they come back it is only because they are ready to make the buying decision and therefore a higher conversion rate on the page.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

I always liken Conversion Rate Optimization like bucket getting filled with water. Should we continue to pour more water (traffic) into the bucket if there are a lot of holes in the bucket? OR should we plug the holes first?

It is a no­brainer why we should fix the bucket but this is a common issue that most companies do not want to address.

By increasing your conversion rate, you will lower your Cost Per Lead (CPL) which will also decrease your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

eBook/White paper Writing

Landing pages often need some offer. We recommend an eBook or a white paper/report for a landing page because they can be delivered electronically instantly AND they don’t cost you any money to deliver.

Whether you need a full fledged eBook including graphics or a simple 7­20 page report or mini eBook, we can accommodate it.

When your digital book is delivered automatically, we recommend doing some Marketing Automation to continue to messaging the potential customers to upgrade. Remember, the more ‘touches’ you can have with a potential buyer, the better! .

Marketing Automation

This service is basically automated email marketing to your customer lists. We can set up a communications funnel to send automated messaging to your leads.

We usually recommend 3­7 automated messages the first month and then 1­2 automated emails on a monthly basis thereafter.

You can also do 1 off email blasts monthly (like a newsletter) or quarterly (promotion).