How Guest Posting Increases Blog Traffic

Blog marketing has become a little bit trickier in previous years due to new Google algorithms, so we’ve all had to get more creative with how we drive traffic to our blogs.

One thing hasn’t changed though – guest blogging still remains one of the most viable ways to attract visitors to your blog for several reasons.

Borrowing Someone Else’s Audience

And it’s perfectly acceptable. When you guest post on someone else’s blog, you are inviting their visitors to take a look at what you have to say. If they like it, they’ll stick around. One caveat: be selective about where you guest post. Posting on lower-traffic blogs not only wastes your time, but you also take the risk of posting on a site viewed as “spammy.” Focus on landing guest posts on blogs in similar niches and with higher traffic. One way of finding out if they have traffic is by the number of social media shares and comments on their posts.

Increasing Social Media Exposure

Nothing gets you noticed like hopping social media activity. When you guest post on other blogs, not only will the blog owner share your post, their loyal subscribers will also be tweeting it out. The same goes here for traffic. Check their social media followers to decide if theirs is a blog worth posting on.

Guest Post the Right Way

Guest posting is the fastest way to increase your blog audience if you follow some simple criteria:

  • Write quality posts showcasing your best work.
  • Give away valuable, actionable advice.
  • Only write for blogs that allow you to link back to your own blog.
  • Address the proper audience.

In Conclusion

Guest Posting is still the fastest way to drive traffic to your blog. Getting your name into circulation on as many platforms as possible will increase recognition for your name and your website. Be mindful of blog-owner’s rules and chances are, they will continue to share your work with their audience.

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