Using Facebook to Increase Blog Traffic

Although Pinterest and Twitter are right on its heels, Facebook is still the most popular social network site with a reported 92% of the population taking up residence there.

With these numbers, it simply can’t be ignored as a place to get blog traffic. Because Facebook is constantly changing its algorithms, you have to be strategic with posting and engaging. There are a few things you can do on the forum that will give you an edge and set you apart.

·        Keep Your Profile Professional

You might have a personal Facebook profile, but if you’re using it as a business platform, it’s best to have a page strictly dedicated to your blog. Your daily posts should include information related to your niche and not much else. While a personal post here and there makes you relatable, be careful about how much you share. Unless your niche is relationship advice, save the details of your latest fight with the new boyfriend for your personal page.

·        Make Sure Your Profile is Complete

Treat your Facebook page like another website. Fill it out as completely as possible and include your URL and contact information somewhere on the page. Also make sure you have a good headshot displayed. Nothing says amateur like a Facebook page with the little blue silhouette as the profile pic. Every piece of information in your profile information should support your expertise.

·        Start Sending Friend Requests Immediately

Facebook appears to favor those with the most activity. If you want your stuff seen, you will need to add fans who want to read your content. Joining Facebook groups that are relevant to your niche is a great way to find people who will visit your blog and interact with you regularly.

·        Create Your Own Facebook Group

While joining Facebook groups is helpful for finding loyal readers, creating your own group is the perfect way to build a tribe. Your ultimate goal here is to attract like-minded people who will share your content and add value to your conversations.

·        Stay Active

There are many theories out there about how many times you should be posting on Facebook and what types of content to share at certain times of the day, but the bottom line is you need to be active there. Because of the changing algorithms of Facebook, all content is not seen equally. If you have a fan page, chances of your posts being seen are smaller, so you need to be as active as possible to increase your chances.

Now go ahead and build your platform!

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