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Local searches have the potential to grow your small or local business while targeting only potential customers in your area. For example, if you type Boxing Gym Utah into a search engine the first result that appears is Legends Boxing.

This is also helpful for consumers who are looking for a certain business in their area. By using a search term as well as the location, customers can find out more information to help them decide which service provider to utilize.

Consumers like to have a general idea of what they are to expect from a company before deciding to make use of their services. By using a local search when looking up companies that provide the service you require, websites like Yelp!, and other review sites, will appear with information on those companies to help you make the best decision based on previous customer’s reviews.

Not only do review sites often provide you with a list of products, services or a menu but also allows users to give each place of business a rating between one and five stars. Local searches can help build the reputation of restaurants and other businesses which can be especially helpful when it comes to local, family owned restaurants.

Typically franchises are unaffected by review websites because the services they provide are expected to be similar at each location. Local eating establishments, however, have the public perception of being either a hit or miss.

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